ESG Reporting Platform
for Investment Banks,
Mutual Funds & Asset Managers

Track the ESG performance of your portfolio companies for sustainable and socially responsible investment with the Credible ESG Reporting Platform.


Demanding disclosure in accordance with different frameworks

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Need it to secure a sustainable, growing investment portfolio & follow legislation

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Need it to secure sustainable financing, offer new financial products, evaluate credit risk, and follow legislation

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Vetting and monitoring your portfolio companies both public and private is a huge challenge

Why Asset Managers, Funds, and Investment Banks Should Care?

Fund and asset managers require a comprehensive understanding of actual finance emissions in order to effectively monitor ESG performance across portfolios. With multiple sustainable investment portfolios, it becomes difficult to track and report the ESG footprint of each company to comply with regulations such as TCFD, SFDR, SASB, and others.
With the Credible ESG Data Platform, asset and fund managers can gain detailed insight into the ESG performance of each portfolio company, whether they are public or private.

ESG Regulations

  • TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures)
  • Non-Financial Reporting Directive (Directive 2014/95/EU, NFRD)
  • FSB Roadmap for Addressing Financial Risks from Climate Change
  • EU Taxonomy, ESRS, EU Green Deal

Empowering Portfolio Companies with ESG Platform

With the Credible ESG Platform, your portfolio companies can also experience the benefits of an ESG journey. You can encourage them to join and take charge of their ESG reporting, enabling them to be more proactive. The Credible platform will guide your portfolio companies in setting ESG emission targets with relevant frameworks, evaluating their ESG performance, and comprehending their ESG impact.


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Gap Analysis

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ESG Framework

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Process Automation/

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AI Powered Platform

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Data Management & Processing

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Advanced Analytics Dashboards

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AI-based predictive analytics

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Automated Auditing & Reporting

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Delivered Digitally on the Credible Cloud based platform



Compare your investment portfolio's performance against global, regional, and industry-specific benchmarks. Evaluate your efficiency with various competitors.

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Set targets

Start gap analysis, establish emission targets, track progress, simulate emission scenarios, and set up future emission goals.

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Conduct portfolio analysis and evaluate emissions due to investments, lending operations, and financial services, considering various asset types, markets, and areas.

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Examine and analyse emissions generated through financing activities across various ESG portfolios. Gain insights into ESG investment strategies.

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Report and organize the data in a clear and concise format. Determine the emission rate with precision.

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Track emissions by asset types, industries, and other criteria. Create an in-depth ESG asset management plan to align with business & stakeholder objectives.

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Trusted & Secure

Credible ESG - UNPRI Signatory
Credible ESG - ISO 27001 Certified
Credible ESG - SOC2 Certified
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